Asus L3800


  1. Remove the battery
  2. Unscrew the back plate

    View of the back plate
    The 4 screws in the back plate help secure the display. The display can stay attached to the top of the case, so only the 2 bottom screws have to be removed.

  3. Unscrew the bottom

    View of the bottom
    Remove the 12 screws that are circled in the picture. All panels can stay in place, and so can the CD-R/W drive (which is secured partly by the center screw on the left side).

  4. Remove the button / indicator panel

    View of the button / indicator panel
    Release the panel by gently pressing down in the circled hole and sliding the panel to the left.

    View of the the top with the button / indicator panel removed

  5. Remove the keyboard

    View of the keyboard connector
    Lift up the keyboard and disconnect it.

  6. Remove the top of the case

    View of the top beneath the keyboard
    Disconnect the touchpad, the display and the beeper. Unscrew the 10 screws that are circled, and remove the two panels (the screw inside the mini-pci opening can stay in place). Gently remove the top together with the display.

Power Connector

CPU Heatsink

The processor is cooled by a fan blowing air (sideways) through a small heatsink. In time, dust builds up in the air duct in front of the heatsink. For optimal cooling performance, the dust needs to be removed once in a while.

  1. Remove the panel covering the CPU and heatsink by unscrewing the 2 screws.
  2. Remove the heatsink by unscrewing the 4 screws, and gently lifting it (this may require a small turning motion to break the bond of the thermal paste).
    View of the cpu heatsink
  3. Clear away any dust, and the thermal paste (from both the processor and the heatsink).
    View of the cpu heatsink
  4. Apply new thermal paste, replace the heatsink and secure it with the 4 screws.
Robbert Eggermont 2005-09-17

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