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Research Interests

My research aims to help people make decisions in complex situations. In applying artificial intelligence and operations research to practical problems, my aim is to assist human decision makers in socio-technical systems. Motivated by important challenges we find in the real world, I want to understand and model the problems, develop theories and methodologies, and apply them to design and deploy usable tools to help solve the problems.

A common thread in my research is a co-evolution of theory and application. I have current interests in automated scheduling, agent-based modelling, machine learning and data analytics, social simulation, hybrid optimisation, and applications including logistics and policy domains. In constraint programming, my thesis research focused on handling uncertainty in both theory and practice.

Potential MSc and PhD students are welcome to make contact by email. Possible topics are closely related to my research interests (see also my publications). Note that funded positions are usually advertised on the Algorithmics group website. TU Delft BSc students looking for a research or honours opportunity are also welcome to contact me.

I co-edited a special issue of AI Communications on goal reasoning. Papers selected from the first two editions of the goal reasoning workshop propose methods and applications of goal reasoning in intelligent agents.

I co-edited a special issue of AI & Society on agent-based modelling (ABM) for policy engineering. The selected papers emerged from inter-disciplinary discussions between social scientists and ABM and simulation specialists at the first and second AMPLE workshops at AAMAS'13 and PRIMA'14.

I initiated an international workshop series on applications of intelligent scheduling and planning, co-located annual with the ICAPS conference and now passed its tenth anniversary. Selected papers from the first years of the SPARK workshops appeared in a special issue of Computational Intelligence.

I chaired the organizing committee for the AAAI 2007 Spring Symposium on Interaction Challenges for Intelligent Assistants. The symposium brought together practitioners and researchers of artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, cognitive science, robotics, assistive and agent technologies, and fields that address complex socio-technical systems. Subsequent developments led to a special issue of AI Magazine on "Usable AI".

I co-authored an introduction to theoretical computer science. Published as an open textbook by TU Delft, Delftse Foundations of Computation is a remix of a previous open textbook with other open material and new material.

I am Programme Co-Chair for AAMAS'20. I am Proceedings Co-Chair for UMAP'19. I served as System Demonstrations Co-Chair for ICAPS'18 (co-located with CP-AI-OR'18), Publications Chair for AAMAS'18 (co-located with ICML'18 and the other FAIM'18 events), Proceedings Co-Chair for UMAP'18, Novel Applications Track Co-Chair for ICAPS'17, Publications Chair for PRIMA'16, Novel Applications Track Co-Chair for ICAPS'16, Panels Co-Chair for WI-IAT'15, Publications Chair for AAMAS'15, Publicity Chair for ICAPS'14, System Demonstrations Co-Chair for ICAPS'10 (co-located with AAMAS'10), and Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair for ICAPS'08 (co-located with CP'08). I formerly served on the editorial board of JAIR, and currently on the editorial board of IJAOSE and IJAIT. My community service also includes the programme or organisational committee of many international conferences, symposia, and workshops, including AAAI, AAMAS, ICAPS and IJCAI.

A full chronological list of my publications is available. Other lists (incomplete): DBLP | Google Scholar | TU Delft repository

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