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Educational Activities

  • Delft University of Technology, E.E. Curriculum (see also EEMCS web page):
    • lecturer course Telecommunication Techniques (2nd year, EE2711)
    • lecturer course Introduction to Telecommunications & Sensing Systems (4th year, ET4385)
    • lecturer course Wireless Communications (4th year, ET4358)
    • lecturer Int. MSc. course Telecommunication Techniques (4th year, ET8002A)
    • supervisor/mentor of Ph.D./M.Sc. students (see Research Activities)

Research Activities
Themes: radio channel measurements, narrowband multiuser detection, cellular systems, ultra wideband communications and positioning

  • Current Research Activities/Topics
    • Project leader of the STW-project HERE-2: " Ultra Wideband Radio Indoor Positioning System";
    • Reliable high data rate low latency communications solutions for industrial applications (FASTCOM project of the STW-Perspectief ASSYS program).


  • Supervisor of the following PhD students
    • Ph.D. student Yan Xie, who is working on "Ultra Wideband Radio Indoor Positioning System" within the STW-project HERE-2;
    • Ph.D. student Dimitry Penkin, who is working on "How to communicate with nano-devices"? with in the Nano-Communications project;
    • Ph.D. student Seyran Khademi, who is working on "Reliable and Fast Wireless Communication for Stage Positioning in Lithography Systems" within the FASTCOM project of the STW-Perspectief ASSYS program.


  • Past Research Activities/Topics
    • wideband channel measurements in indoor and outdoor environments at 2.4, 4.75 and 11.5 GHz
    • researcher in the ACTS project FRAMES (Sept. 1995 - August 1997)
    • principal investigator in the STW project MURX on narrowband and wideband multi-user detection
    • Narrowband multi-user detection, investigated together with students and in collaboration with dr. S. Ben Slimane and prof.dr. Jens Zander,
      both of the Radio Communication Systems Group of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden.
      • BER modeling
      • power control and channel assignment
      • assesment of cellular system capacity
      • application of multiple receive antennas
    • Visiting scientist with the Radio Communication Systems Group of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden
      for nine months in the periods August 1999 - October 2003.
    • Principal investigator in the Freeband Kennisimpuls Airlink project on ultra wideband communication (UWB).
      • channel measurements and modelling;
      • aspects of modulation, detection and synchronization.
    • Project leader of the STW-project HERE: "Indoor Positioning Based on Ultra Wideband (UWB) Radio Signals".

Other Activities


  • Interesting Communications WWW-sites

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