Qasim Lone

I am a PhD candidate in Economics of Cybersecurity Group at Delft University of Technology. I work under the supervision of Prof. Michel van Eeten . Prior to that, I have done my Master's in Computer Networks from North Carolina State University . Previously, I have also worked as visiting scientist in SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory , Stanford Univeristy on projects releating to Internet measurements.

My research interest include Internet measurements, Economics of Internet Security, Data science, and Botnet mitigation.


Currently, I am working on the EU Advanced Cyber Defence Centre (ACDC) project . The aim of the project is design reputation metrics for ISPs inorder to evaluate and incentivize them for botnet mitigation efforts. Further details can be found in paper Towards Incentivizing ISPs To Mitigate Botnets .

In my MS thesis, I worked on bandwidth allocation for video streams subject to an end-to-end perentile delay. I used the RFCs on traffic dumps to extrapolate video traffic and create simulated queue based network. Statistics modeling techniques were then applied to model video traffic which can be used for end to end bandwidth estimation and synthetic load generation to test networks.

Prior to that, I contributed in IEPM (Internet End to End Performance Monitoring) projects that include TULIP and Trace route analysis research projects as a research fellow at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), Stanford University, USA. My main contributions included researching on algorithms for localization problem and analyzing/presenting data for traceroutes.


  • Lone, Q. Moura, G. C. M. , Van Eeten, M.: Towards Incentivizing ISPs To Mitigate Botnets. In: 8th International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS 2014 -- Ph.D. track), Brno, Czech Republic, June 30-July 3 2014 pdf
  • Lone, Q. "Bandwidth Allocation for Video Streams Subject To An End-to-End P ercentile Delay", MS Thesis, North Carolina State University, 2011. pdf
  • L. Cottrell, Q. B. Lone, J. Greeno “Network Monitoring Report for International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) Standing Committee on Inter-Regional Connectivity (SCIC) 2008.
  • Q. B. Lone, I. Haider, S.Zaidi, “Efficient Priority Scheduling in UMTS networks”, pp 108, in the proceedings of High Capacity Optical Networks and Enabling Technologies, HONET 2006, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.


  • Data Integration & Application Developer, Durham School District, North Carolina State
    • Configured and managed Shibboleth, an open source tool based on SAML protocol for exchanging authentication and authorization data used by various web apps.
    • Developed personal education plan for teachers at Durham Public Schools to create and monitor progress of students in the county.
    • Developed password portal using Active directory API’s to change and retrieve lost passwords.
    • Developed an automated managed file transfer system to download and syn- chronize data between different applications.
    • Configured and managed CISCO switches, routers, load balancer and application servers
  • Information Technology Specialist CS Department, NC State University
    • Configured and deployed OpenIMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) testbed and created lab exercises.
    • VMware ESXi support added to various lab projects.
    • Configured CISCO 2900 and SG-300 switches for VLAN’s
  • Teaching Assistant CS Department, NC State University
    • Courses Assisted: CSC 591 (Network Services), BUS 590 (Strategic Management Foundations)
  • Visiting Research Scientist, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University, CA
    • Project: Localization of Internet hosts using Tri-lateration
    • Project: Worked on several small to midsize projects to perform computer aided statistical analysis of internet data.
  • Research Assistant Computer Science Department, NUST, Pakistan
    • Project: 3D Visualization of Performance Oriented Service Architecture.


Qasim Lone
Delft University of Technology,
Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management
Policy, Organization, Law & Gaming (POLG),
Jaffalaan 5, 2628 BX, Delft, The Netherlands
E-mail: q.b.lone AT