Martijn Warnier


[Delft University of Tehcnology]

I am an Associate Professor in the Section Systems Engineering , Faculty Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology. I'm also a member of the Participatory Systems initiative headed by Frances Brazier.


My research focuses on secure management of large scale socio-technical systems. With a particular interest on understanding and managing confidentiality, integrity, trust, privacy, and other security properties and on studying the computational foundation of self-organizing, self-healing and self-configuring systems, both in the context of socio-technical systems. I believe that, in general, the really interesting research challenges can only be solved by truly multidisciplinary research that combines expertise from researchers with a variety of academic backgrounds.

Several application domains are central in my research: the energy domain, distributed networks such as cloud computing and sensor networks, and green ICT. The societal impact of trust and privacy and security is studied in a wide context, ranging from agent based systems to cloud and grid computing.

Most of my research is funded by external projects (NWO/STW/EU-FP7) in collaboration with other academic and industrial partners.

PhD Students

I supervise the following PhD students:

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Martijn Warnier
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