Aaron Yi DING,  PhD

Assistant Professor, TU Delft
Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki
Cyber-Physical Intelligence (CPI) Lab

Email: Aaron.Ding (at) tudelft.nl
Address: P.O. Box 5015, ESS, TU Delft
Jaffalaan 5, 2600GA Delft, Netherlands


Aaron Ding is a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering Systems and Services (ESS) at TU Delft and Adjunct Professor (Dosentti) in Computer Science at University of Helsinki. He is leading the Cyber-Physical Intelligence (CPI) Lab at ESS with over 12 years of R&D experience across EU, UK and USA. Prior to joining TU Delft, he has worked at TU Munich with Jörg Ott, at Columbia University with Henning Schulzrinne, at University of Cambridge with Jon Crowcroft. He obtained his MSc and PhD both with distinction from the Department of Computer Science (Birthplace of Linux) at University of Helsinki. Funded by Nokia Foundation, part of his PhD programme was carried out at University of Cambridge and at Columbia University in New York. His PhD is supervised by Prof. Sasu Tarkoma and Prof. Jon Crowcroft (Cambridge).

Aaron's research focuses on edge computing, distributed edge AI, and data-drive IoT/CPS services. He is a two-time recipient of the esteemed Nokia Foundation Scholarships, and awarded "Staff Member of the Year" by the Department of Computer Science at University of Helsinki. He was awarded the Best Paper of ACM EdgeSys, the ACM SIGCOMM Best of CCR and PhD fellowships from the Academy of Finland and University of Helsinki. Being an active member of ACM, IEEE and IETF, Aaron is the founder of ACM EdgeSys and Associate Editor for IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems. He has co-chaired IEEE HotPOST and ACM MobiSys PhD Workshop, and served on the Board of IEEE ComSoc YP, on Executive Committee of IEEE Finland, and on IETF NomCom, responsible for nominating and selecting the IETF leadership for global Internet standardization. He is also the co-founder of FCN workshops, a joint initiative to promote active collaborations between top European and Asian research institutes, including Cambridge, Delft, Helsinki, Leuven, London, Munich, Oslo, Stockholm, Vienna, EPFL, MPI, IMDEA, HKUST, Tsinghua, Peking, Fudan, and Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).


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Research Interests

 "If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research." -- Albert Einstein

  • Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence (Edge AI) for IoT
  • Distributed Data Analytics
  • IoT Communication and Services
  • Protocol Design and Standardization for 6G

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Delft is Cool

After moving to Delft, my wife and I have discovered a lot of fun here. Comparing to Munich and Helsinki (both we really love), Delft is cozy, compact, artistic and culture dignifying. It features many bridges, river passages, and a soothing atmosphere, very much like Cambridge. While comparing with New York City, Delft is relatively quiet and peaceful, but of no less energy -- thanks to all the young and entrepreneurial students in this famous university town.

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