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John Wiley & Sons, 2020

MEC and Cloud Security


Security is crucial for 5G mobile systems. As multi-access edge computing (MEC) 
and cloud technologies are going to be utilized by 5G to support various services 
including Internet of Things (IoT), health, smart grid, and transportation, 
there is a strong demand for comprehensive investigation of the security aspects 
of MEC and cloud in 5G context. The core security concerns for 5G MEC and cloud 
include trust on hardware components and connected devices, system software, 
networking and communication, micro-edge service, and distributed security 
logging at scale. Besides the discussion of threat models and challenges, four 
promising research directions are also highlighted, covering trust management, 
machine learning-based security enforcement, microservice management, and 
hardware-assisted security enhancement in 5G networks. The illustrations focus 
on current security challenges and corresponding solutions for 5G MEC and cloud. 
The analysis and outlook shed light on future 5G security development and 
integration of MEC and cloud technologies. The content is of special interest to 
5G engineers, researchers, service developers, and policy makers from industry, 
academia, and government.

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