Securebox: Toward Safer and Smarter IoT Networks


In this paper we present Securebox, an affordable and deployable 
platform for securing and managing IoT networks. Our proposal 
targets an alarming spot in the fast growing IoT industry where 
security is often overlooked due to device limitation, budget 
constraint, and development deadline. In contrast to existing 
host-centric and hardware-coupled solutions, Securebox empowers 
a cloud-assisted model that is dedicated to budget and resource 
constrained IoT environments. Owing to its cloud-driven and 
modular design, Securebox allows us to 1) flexibly offload and 
onload security and management functions to the cloud and 
network edge components; 2) offer advanced security and management 
services to end users in an affordable and on-demand manner; 
3) ease the upgrade and deployment of new services to guard 
against abrupt security breakouts. To demonstrate Securebox, 
we have implemented the platform consisting of a plug-n-play 
frontend, a Kubernetes-powered backend cluster, and a smartphone 
mobile application. Based on the testbed evaluation, we show that 
Securebox is robust and responsive. Its collaborative and 
extensible architecture enforces rapid update cycles and can 
scale with the growing diversity of IoT devices.

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I. Hafeez, A. Y. Ding, L. Suomalainen, A. Kirichenko, S. Tarkoma. Securebox: Toward Safer and Smarter IoT Networks. In Proceedings of ACM CoNEXT Workshop on Cloud-Assisted Networking (CAN '16).