ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review (SIGCOMM CCR) 
Volume 52, Number 1, 2022

Impact Factor: 2.712

Roadmap for Edge AI: A Dagstuhl Perspective


Based on the collective input of Dagstuhl Seminar (21342), 
this paper presents a comprehensive discussion on AI methods 
and capabilities in the context of edge computing, referred 
as Edge AI. In a nutshell, we envision Edge AI to provide 
adaptation for data-driven applications, enhance network and 
radio access, and allow the creation, optimisation, and 
deployment of distributed AI/ML pipelines with given quality 
of experience, trust, security and privacy targets. The Edge 
AI community investigates novel ML methods for the edge 
computing environment, spanning multiple sub-fields of 
computer science, engineering and ICT. The goal is to share 
an envisioned roadmap that can bring together key actors and 
enablers to further advance the domain of Edge AI.

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Aaron Yi Ding, Ella Peltonen, Tobias Meuser, Atakan Aral, Christian Becker, Schahram Dustdar, Thomas Hiessl, Dieter Kranzlmuller, Madhusanka Liyanage, Setareh Magshudi, Nitinder Mohan, Joerg Ott, Jan S. Rellermeyer, Stefan Schulte, Henning Schulzrinne, Gurkan Solmaz, Sasu Tarkoma, Blesson Varghese, Lars Wolf. "Roadmap for Edge AI: A Dagstuhl Perspective", in ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review (CCR), Vol. 52, No. 1, 2022.