ACM MobiCom CHANTS 2017

Demo: iConfig: What I See is What I Configure


Managing IoT devices in urban areas is becoming crucial because 
the majority of people living in cities and the number of 
deployed IoT devices are steadily increasing. In this demo, we 
present iConfig, an edge-driven platform dedicated to manage 
densely deployed IoT devices in smart cities. Our goal is to 
address three challenging issues in current IoT management: 
registration, configuration, and maintenance. The core of 
iConfig is its programmable edge module, which can be deployed 
across smartphones, wearables, and smart boards to configure and 
interact with physically proximate IoT devices. Our system 
evaluation shows that iConfig can effectively address the 
aforementioned IoT management challenges by harnessing mobile 
and edge cooperation.

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M. Haus, A. Y. Ding, P. Hui, J. Ott. Demo: iConfig: What I See Is What I Configure. In Proceedings of the 12th ACM MobiCom Workshop on Challenged Networks (CHANTS '17).