Elsevier Computer Networks (ComNet) 
Volume 66, Pages 94-101, 2014

for Leonard Kleinrock

Software Defined Networking for Security Enhancement in Wireless Mobile Networks


In recent years we have seen a fast change in the networking industry: 
leading by the Software Defined Networking (SDN) paradigm that separates 
the control plane from the data plane to enable programmability and 
centralized control of the network infrastructure, the SDN design not 
only simplifies the network management but also accelerates the innovation 
speed of deploying advanced network applications. Meanwhile, the landscape 
of the wireless and mobile industry is changing dramatically as well. 
Given the advance of wireless technologies such as 4G and WiFi offering 
a pervasive Internet access, the traffic growth from the smartphone-alike 
devices has placed an increasing strain on the mobile network infrastructure
and infringed the profit. Since the demand is increasing together with 
the growth of mobile users, the incumbent legacy infrastructure is already 
calling for an upgrade to overcome its existing limitations in terms of 
network management and security. In this paper, we advocate that the way 
forward is to integrate SDN and fully utilize its feature to solve the 
problem. As the security issue has raise serious concern in the networking
community recently, we focus on the security aspect and investigate 
how to enhance the security with SDN for the wireless mobile networks.

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Aaron Yi Ding, Jon Crowcroft, Sasu Tarkoma, Hannu Flinck, "Software Defined Networking for Security Enhancement in Wireless Mobile Networks", Computer Networks, Vol. 66, June 2014, Pages 94-101.