IoT Resource-aware Orchestration Framework for Edge Computing


Existing edge computing solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) 
domain operate with the control plane residing in the cloud and 
edge as a slave that executes the workload deployed by the cloud. 
The growing diversity in the IoT applications requires the edge 
to be able to run multiple distinct workloads corresponding to 
the dedicated inputs it receives, each catering to a specific 
task. Achieving this with the current approach poses a limitation 
as the cloud lacks the local knowledge at the edge and sharing 
this knowledge regularly between the edge and the cloud will 
defeat the very purpose of edge computing, i.e., low latency, less 
network congestion and data privacy. To solve this problem, we 
propose an orchestration framework for edge computing that 
enables the edge to actively initiate and orchestrate the 
workloads on request by using the local knowledge available in 
the form of IoT resources at the edge.

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