ACM SIGCOMM HotConNet 2017

FADES: Fine-Grained Edge Offloading with Unikernels


FADES is an edge offloading architecture that empowers us to 
run compact, single purpose tasks at the edge of the network
to support a variety of IoT and cloud services. The design 
principle behind FADES is to efficiently exploit the resources 
of constrained edge devices through fine-grained computation 
offloading. FADES takes advantage of MirageOS unikernels to 
isolate and embed application logic in concise Xen-bootable 
images. We have implemented FADES and evaluated the system 
performance under various hardware and network conditions. 
Our results show that FADES can effectively strike a balance 
between running complex applications in the cloud and simple 
operations at the edge. As a solid step to enable fine-grained
edge offloading, our experiments also reveal the limitation
of existing IoT hardware and virtualization platforms, which 
shed light on future research to bring unikernel into IoT domain.

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V. Cozzolino, A. Y. Ding, and J. Ott. 2017. FADES: Fine-Grained Edge Offloading with Unikernels. In Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Hot Topics in Container Networking and Networked Systems (HotConNet '17).