ECCO: Edge-Cloud Chaining and Orchestration Framework for Road Context Assessment


For road safety, detecting and reacting efficiently to road 
hazards is crucial and yet challenging due to practical 
restrictions such as limited data availability which relies 
on network support. Moreover, from a system perspective we 
lack a computational model capable of providing to vehicles 
reliable and real-time assessment of the road context. As 
autonomous vehicles become widespread, the safety issues 
are further aggravated by the gap between cloud, roadside 
infrastructure and road users in terms of communication 
latency, software-hardware compatibility and data 
interoperability. To tackle this, we present ECCO: an 
orchestration framework that enables edge-cloud 
collaborative computing for road context assessment. ECCO 
can create on-demand task execution pipelines spanning 
multiple, potentially resource-constrained edge-nodes with 
the smart IoT infrastructure support. We illustrate the 
use of our system with multiple realistic use-cases. 
Information availability is of key importance for 
self-driving cars which in turn heavily relies on network 
support. Through ECCO, detailed information about road 
events is acquired and transmitted to approaching vehicles. 
Our framework lays the groundwork to support new services 
which can use more efficiently the road infrastructure and 
deliver safety-critical applications for road users.

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Vittorio Cozzolino, Joerg Ott, Aaron Yi Ding, Richard Mortier, "ECCO: Edge-Cloud Chaining and Orchestration Framework for Road Context Assessment", In Proceedings of the 5th IEEE/ACM Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI), 2020.