ACM Middleware PDT 2011

NAO: A Framework to Enable Efficient Mobile Offloading


Offloading mobile traffic to WiFi networks (WiFi Offloading) 
is a cost-effective technique to alleviate the pressure on 
mobile networks for meeting the surge of data capacity demand. 
However, most existing proposals from standards developing 
organizations (SDOs) and research communities are facing a 
deployment dilemma, either due to overlooking device limitations, 
lack user incentives, or missing operator supports. 
In this position paper, we present an open-source platform 
for WiFi offloading to tackle the deployment challenge. Our 
solution leverages the programmable feature of software-defined 
networking (SDN) to enhance extensibility and deployability
in a collaborative manner. Inspired by our field measurements 
covering 4G/LTE and 802.11ac/n, we exploit context awareness 
as a use case to demonstrate the efficacy of our solution. 
We also discuss the potential usage by cloud service providers 
given the opportunities behind the growing popularity of 
mobile virtual network operators (MVNO).

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Yi Ding, Teemu Savolainen, Jouni Korhonen, Sasu Tarkoma, Pan Hui, and Markku Kojo. 2011. NAO: A Framework to Enable Efficient Mobile Offloading. In Proceedings of the Middleware Workshop on Posters and Demos Track (Middleware PDT '11).