ACM MobiSys 2018

Empowering Cyber-Physical Systems with FADEX


In this demo, we present FADEX, a Xen based, edge offloading 
platform designed and developed to run on off-the-shelf devices. 
Our system is designed with two specific goals in mind: 
(1) offer a virtualized ecosystem on top of the edge computing 
infrastructure to host arbitrary services; (2) provide enhanced 
performance by exploiting data locality.
FADEX enables several cyber-physical systems use cases: from 
image processing, to data fusing, to direct access to external 
hardware devices. Specifically, FADEX's memory address 
management stack enables users to interact with sensors 
and actuators directly from inside virtual machines through 
a completely virtualized driver stack. The logic to control 
an external hardware device is contained inside the virtual 
machine and is independent from the host system. We thus 
also allow fine-grained access to hardware resources by 
exposing physical registers based on contract policies.

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V. Cozzolino, A. Y. Ding, A. Amiri Sani, R. Mortier, D. Kutscher, J. Ott. 2018. Empowering Cyber-Physical Systems with FADEX. In Proceedings of the 16th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys '18).