Demo Abstract: Securebox - A Platform to Safeguard Network Edge


The number of connected devices is increasing
exponentially, which has made the job of managing and
securing networks more complex and demanding than ever
before. In this paper, we present a novel service-based solution
for securing edge networks that are poorly managed and do
not offer adequate security and management features. Our
proposed system includes a smart gateway Securebox offering
advanced security and network management features at device
level granularity and a Security and Management Service (SMS)
which provides services including traffic analysis services,
management services for remote device, network and security
policy etc. Instead of tight coupling with hardware, our system
enables flexible and on-demand deployment of security services
to detect and block malicious activities in the network. Our
demonstration shows that the proposed system is easy to
deploy, manage and operate different networks and resolves a
number of challenges in network security management domain.

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I. Hafeez, A. Y. Ding, L. Suomalainen and S. Tarkoma, "Demo Abstract: Securebox - A Platform to Safeguard Network Edge", In Proceedings of IEEE/ACM Symposium on Edge Computing (SEC '16'), Washington, DC, 2016, pp. 117-118.