Enabling Fine-Grained Edge Offloading for IoT


In this paper we make the case for IoT edge offloading, which strives
to exploit the resources on edge computing devices by offloading 
fine-grained computation tasks from the cloud closer to the users 
and data generators (i.e., IoT devices). The key motive is to enhance 
performance, security and privacy for IoT services. Our proposal 
bridges the gap between cloud computing and IoT by applying a divide
and conquer approach over the multi-level (cloud, edge and IoT) 
information pipeline. To validate the design of IoT edge offloading,
we developed a unikernel-based prototype and evaluated the system 
under various hardware and network conditions. Our experimentation 
has shown promising results and revealed the limitation of existing 
IoT hardware and virtualization platforms, shedding light on future 
research of edge computing and IoT.

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