Aaron Yi DING,  PhD

Assistant Professor, TU Delft
Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki
Cyber-Physical Intelligence (CPI) Lab

Email: Aaron.Ding (at) tudelft.nl
Address: P.O. Box 5015, ESS, TU Delft
Jaffalaan 5, 2600GA Delft, Netherlands

Group Highlight

I lead the Cyber-Physical Intelligence Lab (CPI Lab) in the Department of Engineering Systems and Services at TU Delft. Our lab focuses on Edge AI solutions for cyber-physical systems in smart energy and mobility domains through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research across science, engineering and design disciplines. The projects run by CPI Lab are at the intersection of distributed computing, data intelligence, networking and security. CPI Lab is affiliated with Cambridge NetOS Group, Columbia IRT Lab, Delft Power Web Institute, Delft IoT Consortium, Delft Cyber Security Group, Helsinki NODES Lab, TUM Connected Mobility Lab and 4TU Center for Resilience Engineering.

CPI Lab is looking for motivated students enthusiastic about Edge AI, edge computing, data analytics, medical IoT security, and resilience engineering in the context of smart energy and mobility systems. The best way to join us is to participate in the thesis projects and courses I offered at TU Delft. For those interested in project / thesis work, I strongly recommend the CPI guidelines.

Funding and Supports

Our research (including my former work) has been supported by generous funding and gifts from Nokia Foundation, EC Horizon 2020, Marie Curie ITN, EIT Digital, MRDH, TU Delft Safety and Security Institute, DAAD, Bavaria California Technology Center, TUM Global Incentive Fund, Academy of Finland, and Tekes. Numerous projects are in collaboration with and supported by external industrial partners including Nokia, Ericsson, Telia, Elisa, Deutsche Telekom, Deloitte, KPMG, EY, PostNL, and F-Secure.

CPI News

CPI Members

 PhD Researchers

 MSc BSc Students
  • Artur Loorpuu (MSc)
  • Ernst de Groot (MSc)
  • Davey Nijland (MSc)
  • Stefania Stoccuto (MSc)
  • Niket Agrawal (MSc)
  • Tijs Ziere (MSc)
  • Parya Lotfi (BSc honor program)
  • Annemijn Pulles (BSc)
  • Youp Macrander (BSc)
  • Jente van Deursen (BSc)
  • Berend Kloeg (BSc)
  • Dani van de Pol (BSc)
 Alumni & Whereabouts
  • Kevin Oost: MSc '20 of TU Delft, first PostNL now at Gen25 Salesforce in Amsterdam
  • Michiel Huisman: MSc '19 of TU Delft, awarded distinction degree, first EY now at Celonis in Amsterdam
  • Lars Mosterd: MSc'19 of TU Delft, awarded distinction degree, first KPMG now at Smart Data in Den Haag
  • Gianluca Limon: MSc '19 of TU Delft, first Deloitte now at Hilti Corporation in Switzerland
  • Nick Rakas: MSc '19 of TU Delft, now at ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam
  • Otis van der Meij: BSc '19 of TU Delft, now at Barcelona School of Management
  • Jakob Serlier: BSc honor program '19, first Carnegie Mellon University, now accepted to Columbia
  • Thomas Paul: BSc alumni, at TU Munich
  • Yanhe Liu: MSc alumni, at Sina Weibo Beijing -- the dominant social network (aka Twitter of China)
  • Lauri Suomalainen: MSc alumni, full stack hacking at Klinik Healthcare Solutions Helsinki
  • Emad Nikkhouy: MSc alumni, at ICE AB/GmbH Berlin
  • Noora Joensuu: MSc alumni, at Softability Helsinki
  • Tomi Ronimus: MSc alumni, at HiQ Helsinki -- one of the most historic companies in Finnish IT sector
  • Peng Liu: MSc alumni, at Tuxera Helsinki -- with his CES award winning App
  • Yonghao Li: MSc alumni, at a cool startup -- check the review from The Verge

CPI Guidelines

 Research & Experiment

 Scientific Venues to Follow
  • ACM: SIGCOMM, MobiCom, UbiComp, SOSP, EuroSys, SenSys, MobiSys, SIGMETRICS, CoNEXT, IMC
  • Top Journals in Networking Systems
 Best Papers  Career & Tips  Hacking Path

CPI Thesis Projects

 Open Topics

 Completed Theses
  • Edge-driven IoT Orchestration Framework for Collaborative Processing (with EWI)
  • Enhancing the Integration of Digital Interfaces in Outbound Logistics (with PostNL)
  • Enhancing Vulnerability Management for IoT Devices with Bug Bounty Programs and Responsible Disclosure (with Deloitte)
  • The Openness between Platforms. What Changes in an IoT Context? (with KPMG)
  • Edge Computing on the Rise: Business Model Tool for Analyzing the Potential of Edge Computing for IoT Applications (with EY)
  • A User Centered, Edge based Interaction between Humans and Autonomous Vehicles (with MAS)
  • Securing High Speed Data Center Communications (funded by H2020 SSICLOPS project)
  • A Platform for Safer and Smarter Networks (funded by Tekes CloSe project)
  • An SDN Platform for Traffic Offloading (funded by EIT SDN project)
  • Monitoring Service Chains in the Cloud (funded by Nokia VirNe project)
  • Aviqa: A VoIP Softphone for Analyzing Speech and Video Quality (funded by Ericsson)

CPI Collaborators

 University of Cambridge

 Columbia University  Technical University of Munich
  • Joerg Ott
  • Domain: Edge computing and Internet of Vehicles (IoV)
 University of Helsinki
  • Sasu Tarkoma
  • Domain: 5G, edge security, and mobile data analytics
 Princeton University  University of Florida
  • Ahmed Helmy
  • Domain: Mobility and wireless data analytics
 University of California, Irvine  KU Leuven
  • Qing Wang
  • Domain: Visible light communications
 University College Dublin  VU Amsterdam
  • Lin Wang
  • Domain: Mobile edge computing and communications
 Erasmus University Rotterdam  University of Bern
  • Zhongliang Zhao
  • Domain: Edge computing for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Drones
 University of Tartu  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Pan Hui
  • Domain: D2D trust ecosystem
 Tsinghua University
  • Yong Li
  • Domain: D2D communications
 Peking University
  • Chenren Xu
  • Domain: Visible light based edge communication
 Fudan University  Tongji University in Shanghai
  • Weixiong Rao
  • Domain: Transfer learning based edge analytics
 Huawei Technologies  F-Secure  Ericsson Research  Nokia Bell Labs