Aaron Ding, PhD

Assistant Professor, TU Delft
Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki
Cyber-Physical Intelligence (CPI) Lab

Email: Aaron.Ding (at) tudelft.nl
Address: P.O. Box 5015, ESS, TU Delft
Jaffalaan 5, 2600GA Delft, Netherlands

More than Miscellaneous

 "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." -- James Howell

Nowadays in academia it's too easy to forget about the busy trap. Frankly speaking, a balanced academic life is not a slogan, but all about what we choose to do. Here I jot down some of my casual pieces accumulated over the years. Feel free to ping me if you spot any broken links or have good suggestions.

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  • Educated (Tara Westover) - recommended by Bill Gates
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow (Daniel Kahneman) - laureate of Nobel Prize in Economics

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