Aaron Yi DING,  PhD

Assistant Professor, TU Delft
Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki
Cyber-Physical Intelligence (CPI) Lab

Email: Aaron.Ding (at) tudelft.nl
Address: P.O. Box 5015, ESS, TU Delft
Jaffalaan 5, 2600GA Delft, Netherlands

Teaching Highlight

As an educator, I value teaching as one of the most rewarding experiences and the most important responsibilities for a faculty member. My teaching is centered on engaging and inspiring students to explore real-world problems not only in depth but also beyond the boundaries of teaching curriculum. Independent research and team collaboration are both encouraged in my class.

Note: I am in charge of the MSc thesis, graduation, and coordination for ESS ICT section. For MSc students of TU Delft, if you need your agreement to be signed or have questions about thesis projects and ICT courses, I hold my open-office hours on Wednesday 11:00 - 12:00. Just drop in without appointment during this time slot.

Teaching Agenda


  • SEN1622 (MSc): Course Manager, TU Delft
  • TB243IA (BSc): Course Manager, TU Delft
  • MOT1531 (MSc): Lecturer on IoT and 5G, TU Delft
  • TB141IB (BSc): Lecturer on TCP/IP and Internet Routing, TU Delft

PhD Supervision and Examination

As PhD supervisor, promoter, advisor, examiner and committee, more details can be found in CPI Lab.

  • W. Toussaint, supervisor and promoter, TU Delft
  • A. Wahyudi, promoter, TU Delft
  • C. Wang, GNG committee, TU Delft
  • M. Haus, advisor, TU Munich
  • V. Cozzolino, advisor, TU Munich
  • L. Tonetto, advisor, TU Munich
  • I. Hafeez, advisor, University of Helsinki

Qualification and Records


  • [Certificate] University of Helsinki Docentship - full qualification to supervise and promote PhDs


  • [Certificate] Dutch University Teaching Qualification (BKO, in Dutch)
  • [Qualification] University Teaching Qualification: Teach, TU Delft
  • [Qualification] University Teaching Qualification: Assess, TU Delft
  • [Qualification] University Teaching Qualification: Develop, TU Delft
  • [Qualification] University Teaching Qualification: Supervise, TU Delft
  • [Teach] TB243IA: Interconnected World (IoT and Cyber-Physical Systems) - BSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Teach] CIE5805: Intelligent Vehicles for Safe and Efficient Traffic (5G Communication) - MSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Teach] MOT1531: Business Process Management and Technology (IoT and 5G) - MSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Teach] TB141IA: Information and Communication Organization (TCP/IP and Routing) - BSc Level, TU Delft


  • [Certificate] English Qualification for University Lecturing: C1 High (equivalent IELTS 8.0)
  • [Teach] SEN1622: Information and Communication Service Design - MSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Teach] Security and Privacy in Distributed Systems (invited lecture) - PhD Level, University of Oulu


  • [Teach] Edge Computing and Communication Seminar - MSc Level, TU Munich


  • [Teach] Do-It-Yourself Networking - MSc Level, TU Munich
  • [Teach] Protocol Design - MSc Level, TU Munich
  • [Teach] Internet for All Seminar - BSc Level, TU Munich


  • [Qualification] University Pedagogy - Practical Teaching Skills, University of Helsinki


  • [Qualification] University Pedagogy - Effective Small Group Teaching, University of Helsinki


  • [Teach] Network Programming (in C, Linux & Unix) - MSc Level, University of Helsinki

Thesis Projects for MSc/BSc Students

My advising focuses on discovering the interests and passion of my students, and matching them with well-scoped, fruitful projects. If you are interested in doing an exciting MSc/BSc thesis project at TU Delft, drop me a quick note via email.

Here is a list of open topics. More details can be found in CPI Lab openings.

  • MSc/BSc: Edge Offloading for IoT
  • MSc/BSc: IoT Management via Drones
  • MSc/BSc: Securing IoT Edge Networks
  • MSc/BSc: Enhance Edge Communications with Visible Light
  • MSc/BSc: Privacy-Preserving Service Discovery in Smart Buildings
  • MSc/BSc: Secure Multipath IoT Device-to-Device (D2D) Communication