Aaron Yi DING,  PhD

Assistant Professor, TU Delft
Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki
Cyber-Physical Intelligence (CPI) Lab

Email: Aaron.Ding (at) tudelft.nl
Address: P.O. Box 5015, ESS, TU Delft
Jaffalaan 5, 2600GA Delft, Netherlands

Teaching Highlight

As an educator, I value teaching as one of the most rewarding experiences and the most important responsibilities for a faculty member. My teaching is centered on engaging and inspiring students to explore real-world problems not only in depth but also beyond the boundaries of teaching curriculum. Independent research and team collaboration are both encouraged in my class.

Note: I am in charge of Master thesis, graduation and coordination for TBM ICT. For MSc students, if you need your agreement to be signed or have questions about thesis projects and ICT courses, I hold my open-office hours on Wednesday 11:00 - 12:00. Just drop in without appointment during this time slot.


Currently as PhD supervisor, promoter, advisor, examiner and committee, more details in CPI Lab.

 PhD Supervisor and Promoter

  • W. Toussaint, TU Delft
  • A. Wahyudi, TU Delft

 PhD Committee and Advisor

  • C. Wang, TU Delft
  • M. Haus, TU Munich
  • V. Cozzolino, TU Munich
  • L. Tonetto, TU Munich
  • I. Hafeez, University of Helsinki

 PhD Dissertation Examiner

  • E. Boz, Aalto University

Qualification and Teaching Records


  • [Certificate] Helsinki Docentship - full qualification to supervise and promote PhDs
  • [Course Manager] SEN1622: I&C Service Design, MSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Course Manager] TB243IA: Interconnected World, BSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Teach] CIE5805: Lecturer on 5G Mobile Communication for Intelligent Vehicles, MSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Teach] MOT1531: Lecturer on IoT Services, MSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Teach] TB141IB: Lecturer on TCP/IP and Internet Routing, BSc Level, TU Delft


  • [Certificate] Dutch University Teaching Qualification (BKO, in Dutch)
  • [Qualification] University Teaching Qualification: Teach, TU Delft
  • [Qualification] University Teaching Qualification: Assess, TU Delft
  • [Qualification] University Teaching Qualification: Develop, TU Delft
  • [Qualification] University Teaching Qualification: Supervise, TU Delft
  • [Course Manager] SEN1622: I&C Service Design, MSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Course Manager] TB243IA: Interconnected World (IoT and Cyber-Physical Systems), BSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Teach] CIE5805: Intelligent Vehicles for Safe and Efficient Traffic (5G Communication) - MSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Teach] MOT1531: Business Process Management and Technology (IoT and 5G) - MSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Teach] TB141IA: Information and Communication Organization (TCP/IP and Routing) - BSc Level, TU Delft


  • [Certificate] English Proficiency Qualification for University Lecturing: C1 High (equivalent IELTS 8.0)
  • [Teach] SEN1622: Information and Communication Service Design - MSc Level, TU Delft
  • [Teach] Security and Privacy in Distributed Systems (invited lecture) - PhD Level, University of Oulu


  • [Teach] Edge Computing and Communication Seminar - MSc Level, TU Munich


  • [Teach] Do-It-Yourself Networking - MSc Level, TU Munich
  • [Teach] Protocol Design - MSc Level, TU Munich
  • [Teach] Internet for All Seminar - BSc Level, TU Munich


  • [Qualification] University Pedagogy - Practical Teaching Skills, University of Helsinki


  • [Qualification] University Pedagogy - Effective Small Group Teaching, University of Helsinki


  • [Teach] Network Programming (in C, Linux & Unix) - MSc Level, University of Helsinki

Thesis Projects for MSc/BSc Students

My advising focuses on discovering the interests and passion of my students, and matching them with well-scoped, fruitful projects. If you are interested in doing an exciting MSc/BSc thesis project at TU Delft, drop me a quick note via email.

Here is a list of open topics. More details can be found in CPI Lab openings.

  • MSc/BSc: Edge Offloading for IoT
  • MSc/BSc: IoT Management via Drones
  • MSc/BSc: Securing IoT Edge Networks
  • MSc/BSc: Enhance Edge Communications with Visible Light
  • MSc/BSc: Privacy-Preserving Service Discovery in Smart Buildings
  • MSc/BSc: Secure Multipath IoT Device-to-Device (D2D) Communication