Taygun Kekeç

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Delft University of Technology
Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6, 2628 XE
Phone: +31644343887
Email: namesurname at gmail c-o-m

About Me

I am affiliated with Pattern Recognition and Bioinformatics (PRB) Laboratory, pursuing my PhD under supervision of David M. J. Tax at Delft University of Technology. Previously, I was a member of Control Vision Robotics (CVR) Research group of Sabanci University which is led by Prof. Mustafa Ünel. I am particularly interested in developing probabilistic machine learning techniques applied to computer vision and natural text processing problems. My favorite topics include approximate probabilistic neural inference, object detection and tracking, word vector spaces (word embeddings), semantics. Currently, I am a research visitor at Cornell University, Information Sciences.