Bruker Avance-400

Agilent-400 MR DD2


Located in Building 58, this walk-in NMR spectrometer  is the result of a joint effort of the departments BT, ChemE, and RST.

The system represents a state to the art spectrometer serving the purposes of the routine NMR analysis as well as the advanced measurements, such as:

1H,  19F, 13C and other X-nuclei, 2D-correlation NMR, Relaxation measurements, DOSY etc.

The auto-sampler allows a convenient access to the users after a proper training.

You can register for the NMR training below and get access to the NMR room.


This spectrometer is located at the NMR facility of the Reactor Institute (building 50). The spectrometer is operated by a Bruker console (2005) and is provided with an indirect liquid state probe as well as MAS probe for the solid state measurements.


For the NMR related questions please contact Dr. Stephen Eustace

Bruker Avance IIITM HD 500 MHz WIDE-BORE