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Postdoctoral Research Fellows


1.     Joshua Myrans, 2018-20, KTP with South West Water

2.     James Webber, 2018-20, NERC SWEEP project with Pell-Frischmann

3.     Ahilan Sangaralingam, 2017-19, EPSRC Urban Flood Resilience

4.     Shruti Virgincar, 2017-18, NERC SWEEP project with Pell-Frischmann

5.     James Bailey, 2014-16, KTP DCWW

6.     David Walker, 2014-15, EU iWIDEST

7.     Enrico Creaco, 2014-15, EU iWIDGET

8.     Kourosh Behzadian, 2011-15, EU TRUST

9.     Mark Morley, 2011-15, EU TRUST

10.  Michele Romano, 2011-14, KTP United Utilities

11.  Christopher Hutton, 2010-14, EU iWIDGET and EU PREPARED

12.  Nemanja Branisavljevic, 2013-14, EU PREPARED

13.  Aisha Bello-Dambatta, 2011-13, EU TRUST

14.  Kyle Thompson, 2010-13, EU PREPARED

15.  Josef Bicik, 2010-11, KTP Yorkshire Water (DSS)

16.  Janez Susnik, 2010-14, EU PREPARED and EU WASSERMed

17.  Brian Harrold, 2011-12, KTP Yorkshire Water (Modelling)

18.  Pavel Burovskiy, 2009-11, EPSRC Neptune and EPSRC “Risk based WDS Design under Uncertainty”

19.  Guangtao Fu, 2009-10, EPSRC 'Risk based WDS Design under Uncertainty

20.  Michele Guidolin, 2009-10, EPSRC Neptune

21.  Michelle Woodward, 2008-11, KTP HR Wallingford

22.  Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia, 2008-16, EPSRC Neptune, EU PREPARED, EU WASSERMed and EU iWIDGET

23.  Haytham Awad, 2007-09, EPSRC Neptune

24.  Ralph Olsson, 2006-08, EPSRC Platform Grant

25.  Gianluca Dorini, 2006-08, EPSRC PUrE



PhD/EngD/PDEng Students


  1. Joao Ferreira, PhD, New modelling paradigm for improved transient modelling of intermittent supply systems
  2. Parisa Firoozi, PhD, Improved urban flood risk asessment by fusing information from disparate sources
  3. Job van der Werf, PhD, Real-time control of urban drainage systems
  4. Hala Alhamed, PDEng, Asset management of sewer systems, with Waternet
  5. Martine van den Boomen, PhD, Replacement optimisation for public infrastructure assets
  6. Ben Hamilton, EngD, STREAM CDT, Real-time blockage detection using machine learning
  7. Vasileios Koukoravas, PhD, WISE CDT, Modelling of and leakage in intermittent water supply systems
  8. Jessica Penny, PhD, WISE CDT
  9. Olivia Milton-Thompson, PhD, Risk of Groundwater Contamination from Hydraulic Fracturing, WISE CDT

  10. Sabrina Draude, PhD, Methodology for Effective Operational Blockage Reduction, WISE CDT, with Welsh Water
  11. Eirini Nikoloudi, PhD, Event Management and Post Event Response Planning for Intelligent Water Networks, WISE CDT, with United Utilities
  12. David Pryce, EngD, STREAM with HYDROK, Context specific upscaling of an innovative (HY-SAF) wastewater treatment system and its market roll out strategy for developing countries
  13. Laura Wignall, PhD, Real-time flood forecasting, WISE CDT
  14. Talia Rosin, EngD, Real-time Prediction and Detection of Blockages in Smart Wastewater Systems, STREAM CDT, with United Utilities
  15. Gerald Riss, awarded PhD in 2020, Events Recognition System for Water Treatment Processes, STREAM CDT, with United Utilities
  16. Maria Xenochristou, awarded PhD in 2019, Water demand forecasting, WISE CDT, with Wessex Water
  17. Mohammed Abdallah, awarded PhD in 2019, Real-time pump scheduling, self-funded
  18. Sophocles Sophocleous, awarded EngD in 2019, Development of the next generation of water mains network modelling tools, STREAM CDT, with Severn Trent / WITS Consult Ltd
  19. Josh Myrans, awarded PhD in 2018, Automated Detection of Sewer Faults using CCTV, WISE CDT, with Wessex Water
  20. Gregory Meyers, awarded EngD in 2018, Real-time discolouration risk management
  21. Herman Mahmoud, awarded PhD in 2018, Real-time Operational Response Methodology for Reducing Failure Impacts in Water Distribution Systems
  22. Isaac Okeya, awarded EngD in 2018, Detection and Localisation of Pipe Bursts in a District Metered Area Using an Online Hydraulic Model
  23. Thomas Roach, awarded EngD in 2017, Decision Making Methods for Water Resources Management Under Deep Uncertainty
  24. James Bailey, awarded MPhil in 2016, Data-Driven Models of Blockage Likelihood in the Wastewater Network
  25. Brett Korteling, awarded PhD in 2016, Adapting water systems to a changing climate: an application of info-gap decision theory
  26. William Sayers, awarded PhD in 2015, Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Flood Risk Management in Urban Environments
  27. Euijeong Lim, awarded MPhil in 2015, Development of a Leakage Target Setting Approach for South Korea based on Economic Level of Leakage
  28. Qi Wang, awarded PhD in 2014, Hybrid Optimisation Algorithms for Two-Objective Design of Water Distribution Systems
  29. Innocent Basupi, awarded PhD in 2013, Adaptive management of water distribution system assets under climate change
  30. Michele Romano, awarded PhD in 2013, Real-time pipe burst detection and diagnostics in water distribution systems
  31. Maryam Astaraie-Imani, awarded PhD in 2012, Modelling the performance of an integrated urban wastewater system under future conditions
  32. Michelle Woodward, awarded PhD in 2012, Flexible flood risk management
  33. Josef Bicik, awarded PhD in 2010, Decision support for the real-time operation of water distribution systems
  34. Theodoros Economou, awarded PhD in 2010, Bayesian-based asset failure models


External PhD Students


  1. Matej Radinja, 2019-present, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Automated modelling and design of sustainable drainage systems
  2. Carlos Daniel Montes Rodriguez, 2017-present, University of Los Andes, Colombia, Self-cleansing sewers
  3. Olivia Bailey, 2015-present, University of Bath, UK, Sewer systems of the future
  4. Alida Alves Beloqui, awarded PhD in 2020, IHE Delft, The Netherlands, Optimal green and grey infrastructure design for flood risk management
  5. Zeljko Vasilic, awarded PhD in 2018, Civil Engineering Faculty at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, Water distribution system sectorization with advanced hydraulic modelling
  6. Gerard Sanz, awarded PhD in 2015, Polytechnic University of Cataluna (UPC), Spain, Leak detection
  7. Frederico Keizo Odan, awarded PhD in 2014, University of São Paulo, Brazil, Optimisation of real time operation of a water distribution systems
  8. Carlo Giacomello, awarded PhD in 2012, University of Udine, Italy, Real-time pump scheduling in water distribution systems using Linear Programming
  9. Nemanja Branisavljevic, awarded PhD in 2012, Civil Engineering Faculty at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, Real-time sensor data validation
  10. Daniel Kozelj, PhD, awarded PhD in 2014, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Multi-objective calibration of water distribution system models
  11. Raido Puust, awarded PhD in 2007, University of Tallinn, Estonia, Probabilistic leakage detection in water distribution systems
  12. Kourosh Behzadian, awarded PhD in 2008, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Stochastic sampling design for calibration
  13. Martin Weickgenant, awarded MSc (by research) in 2008, Stuttgart University, Germany, Risk based contaminant detection in distribution systems
  14. Carla Tricarico, awarded PhD in 2007, Casino University, Italy, Economic level of water distribution system reliability



PG Taught Students (MSc)


  1. Voytek Barycki, 2020, Influence of KPIs on asset management recommendation with respect to water connections
  2. Louise Petersson, 2019, A framework for flood modelling with community mapped data
  3. Olivia Dent, 2018, Performance assessment of sustainable drainage systems under uncertainty
  4. Xiaoyu Luo, 2018, Water demand forecasting
  5. Jose Alvarez-Garcia, 2017, Smart Rainwater Harvesting
  6. Mehmet Murat Kali, 2017, Water Resources Management Under Drought Uncertainty
  7. Basem Ismail, 2016, Dynamic DMA rezoning using pressure management
  8. Helena Machin, 2015, Prediction of pipe failures in water distribution systems using statistical regression modelling
  9. David Sorisi, 2014, Sustainable Drainage Systems at Exeter University's Streatham Campus
  10. Christopher Osborne, 2013, Solutions to Low Pressure Areas at Exeter University's Streatham Campus
  11. Adam Cullum, 2012, Multi-objective pump scheduling using AMALGAM
  12. Shenan Grossberg, 2011, Optimal pump scheduling using Cellular Automata
  13. Joseph Innis, 2009, Modelling transient events in pipe networks
  14. Jonathan Legg, 2008, Leakage assessment for the Cholderton & District water distribution system
  15. Georgina Simpson, 2008, Joint probability of high tides coinciding with intense rainfall events and links with climate change