2020-2021 Internet Seminar!

If you are a Master or PhD student interested in participating in the ISem24 (Internet Seminar) on "C*-algebras and dynamics" then please contact me! We are organizing a local workgroup at Delft together with Gerrit Vos and Mario Klisse. The seminar counts as a course for which you get EC. You need Applied Functional Analysis as a prerequisite (or follow it in parallel). See the webpage.

Seminar on Functional Analysis and Applications

Organizer of the seminar of our research group. See: Link. .

Reading and Research seminar

For our PhD students, postdocs and Master students with the right background (depending on the topic, please contact!). The calendar can be found below, but for now the seminar holds because of the Corona measurements.

September 2017 - 2018. Seminar: Quantum Information Theory and Non-Local Games

With Bas Janssens we organize a research seminar on QIT. Part of the material, but by far not everything:
Lecture notes Hans Maassen: http://www.math.ru.nl/~maassen/lectures/qpqiqc.pdf
Lecture notes Paulsen: http://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/~vpaulsen/EntanglementAndNonlocality_LectureNotes_7.pdf

Info on Bas's page.