Quantum information theory

2017-2018, master course, spring semester. Further info on Brightspace.

Operator algebras

2016-2018, master course, spring semester. See mastermath and here for additional exercises. See Michael Mueger's website for previous material.

Functional analysis

2017-2018, master course, fall semester. See mastermath. Together with Dorothee Frey.


2017-2018, 1st year course at Aerospace Engineering, Q1. See brightspace.

Group theory

2015-2017, 2nd year course, 1st block. All information will be posted on Blackboard.

Dynamical systems

2008-2012, 1st year course, 4th quarter. With Erik Koelink and Maarten van Pruijssen. (Old material available on request).


  • One day course on "Geometry of discrete groups" (summer school Utrecht 2016). Lecture notes.


  • Lennert den Besten, bachelor thesis (2017). Amenability and paradoxality of groups.
  • Artuur Oerlemans, bachelor thesis (2017). Weaver's conjecture.
  • Geert Doek, bachelor thesis (2017). Gromov's theorem on groups with polynomial growth.
  • Jaco Ruit, honours project (2016). Sofische groepen.