Coalgebras have emerged as a unifying formalism for understanding a variety of different types of dynamics. From its inception it was understood as giving a coherent theoretical framework to the theory of transition systems and incorporating important concepts like bisimulation and modal logics to characterize process equivalences. These ideas were applied successfully to a variety of different types of systems and most recently to quantum systems. At this workshop we hope to gather some of the active participants in the theory of coalgebras and some of the active researchers in quantum mechanics in order to discuss recent developments and prospects.

The workshop organizers are Prakash Panangaden and Helle Hvid Hansen. Attendance is by invitation only. There will be a parallel workshop on Infinite State Systems organized by Joel Ouaknine.

The practice at these workshops has been to allow the speaker ample time to get to technical details. There should be lots of opportunities for extensive discussions; and talks reporting on work in progress are encouraged.

The preliminary program can be downloaded here.

This workshop is part of the Veni project Coalgebraic Models of Quantum Systems funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The project and workshop are sponsored by: