Current research projects

Two- and three-dimensional image analysis.

3D image analysis of micrstructures food product
3D beeldanalyse van microstructuren in levensmiddelen
sponsor: IOp image processing
partner: Unilever Research Vlaardingen

Texture analysis and segmentation of subsurface images
sponsor: IOp image processing
partners: TNO-TPD, Shell

Multi-dimensional digital measurement techniques
sponsor: FOM Rolling Grant

Quantitative analysis of multi-dimensional data sets
sponsor: KNAW

Microscopic properties of functional foods
sponsor: Unilever Research

Image sequence analysis

Superresolution in undersampled image sequences
sponsor: IOp image processing
partners: TNO-FEL

4D image analysis
sponsor: NWO-EW
partners: Universities of Amsterdam and Leiden

Analysis of low-water MRI data sets
sponsor: Unilever Research

Imaging and detection of fluorescence in sub-nanoliter silicon devices.

Intelligent Molecular Diagnostic Systems
sponsor: TU Delft's DIOC program

Researchers on these projects are: Cris Luengo Hendriks, Peter Bakker, Michael van Ginkel, Bernd Rieger, Richard van den Doel, Piet Verbeek and Lucas van Vliet.

Former research projects

Quantitative microscopy

Fluorescence spot counting
sponsor: Vysis inc. (former Imagenetics inc.)
partner: University of Leiden (NL)

Image restoration
sponsor: TU Delft

Fluorescence life-time imaging
sponsor: STW
partner: Lambert Instruments

Measurements from defocused images
sponsor: EC HCM
partners: Universities of Leiden (NL) and Grenoble (F), Max Planck Institute Goettingen (D).

Researchers on these projects were: Hans Netten, Geert van Kempen, Frank Boddeke, Stephanie Ellenberger, Piet Verbeek, Lucas van Vliet and Ted Young.