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Socio-technical cyber security metrics, Information ethics, Adversarial risk management

(Picture by Angela Bloemsaat / TedXEde)

Associate professor cyber risk
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Delft University of Technology
phone: +31 15 27 88989
e-mail: [initial] dot [lastname] at [universitydomain] dot nl

My research focuses on decision making in cybersecurity. This involves both empirical studies on how stakeholders currently make decisions, and risk management frameworks to improve such decisions. In relation to decision making, I am also interested in the ethics of cyber security.

Selected recent publications

Security decision making

Cayford, M., & Pieters, W. (2018). The effectiveness of surveillance technology: What intelligence officials are saying. The Information Society, 34(2), 88-103.

Molin, E., Meeuwisse, K., Pieters, W., & Chorus, C. (2018). Secure or usable computers? Revealing employees’ perceptions and trade-offs by means of a discrete choice experiment. Computers & Security, 77, 65-78.

Security ethics

Custers, B., Dechesne, F., Pieters, W., Schermer, B., & van der Hof, S. (2018). Consent and privacy. In The Routledge Handbook of the Ethics of Consent (pp. 247-258). Routledge.

Pieters, W. (2017). Beyond individual-centric privacy: Information technology in social systems. The Information Society, 33(5), 271-281.

Adversarial risk management

Chockalingam, S., Hadžiosmanovic, D., Pieters, W., Teixeira, A., & van Gelder, P. (2016). Integrated safety and security risk assessment methods: a survey of key characteristics and applications. In International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security (pp. 50-62). Springer, Cham.

Pieters, W., Barendse, J., Ford, M., Heath, C. P., Probst, C. W., & Verbij, R. (2016). The navigation metaphor in security economics. IEEE security & privacy, (3), 14-21.

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