Cyber Risk Management - Assignment



In the assignment, you will analyse a system of your choice with a method of your choice, and/or extend this method. First, you will present the method chosen to your fellow students (except SPM5440). Afterwards, you will write a paper in which you apply the method to your case and/or extend it. Details are presented in the lectures. The full assignment is available here.

Below is a list of possible methods, but you can also choose your own. See also Dan Ionita's master thesis. The links below are only initial pointers to facilitate picking a method. You are expected to do a deeper literature study yourself.

Please sign up for a method with a group of 4 via Brightspace. If you don't have access, use e-mail instead, but keep in mind that others may pick your favourite method first.

We believe the following approaches are most suitable for the assignment:

Other possible approaches include:

Case suggestions

More may still be added. Feel free to pick your own instead.

Cyber-physical systems Organisations Services


Presentations are Oct 12, 16 and 19. Schedule can be found on Brightspace. Each presentation is 8 minutes plus 4 minutes for questions.