Cyber Risk Management - Grading and materials

The grade for the course is based on the mid-term exam (50%) and the assignment (50%). Both grades need to be at least 5.0 to get a final grade for the course. The grade for the assignment consists of the presentation (30%) and the paper (70%).

The exam is closed-book; no materials allowed. The exam covers all mandatory videos, literature, and lectures/slides. Example questions can be found in the slides.

Mandatory online video material

This is the final list of materials.

Mandatory literature

This is the final list of materials. A reading guide is available.

All articles are available through the TUDelft library / via the TUDelft network unless stated otherwise. For information on access from other locations, see link.

Slides and lectures (mandatory)

For those who don't have access to Brightspace, the slides are available at this site.

Videos of the lectures can be found at Collegerama (NetID required, course code SPM5442).

Tools (as an exercise to practice with the concepts)