Cyber Risk Management - Schedule


Lectures in 2017 starting September 11, every Monday 15:45 and every Thursday 10:45 in EWI lecture hall Chip, UT via telelecturing (Carré 3F).

Mid-term exam: Thursday October 5 10:45 (regular) and Thursday January 25 9:00 (resit). You are not allowed to bring any materials/papers to the exam.

Mo Sep 11 15:45Introduction and assignment; cyberspacePieters / Van den BergVan den Berg et al. 2014
Th Sep 14 10:45Exercise in understanding risk modelsLabunets
Mo Sep 18 15:45Risk conceptsPietersJones 2005; online videos
Th Sep 21 10:45Probabilistic and adversarial riskPietersFenton & Neil 2012; Cox 2009Deadline method for assignment
Mo Sep 25 15:45System and attacker models; requirements and policiesPietersPieters 2013; Rosenquist 2009
Th Sep 28 10:45Risk assessment methods; qualitative and quantitative methodsPietersMorali et al. 2010; Sanders 2014Deadline 1 page proposal for assignment (method extension and/or application to case)
Mo Oct 2 15:45Measuring security and effectivenessPietersSonnenreich et al. 2006; Cavusoglu et al. 2004; Labunets et al. 2017
Th Oct 5 10:45-12:45Mid-term exam
Mo Oct 9 15:45Cyber risk management in practiceGuest lecturer: Tony de Bos (EY)
Th Oct 12 10:45Student presentationsStudents
Mo Oct 16 15:45Student presentationsStudents
Th Oct 19 10:45Student presentationsStudentsDeadline paper for peer review
Th Oct 26 10:45Back-upPieters / LabunetsPeer review deadline
Th Nov 2 Final paper deadline
Th Jan 25 9:00-11:00Mid-term exam (resit)