Welcome to the personal pages of Dirkjan Veeger. This site is under construction and will improve ever so slowly ;-)

Anyway, the following items can be reached through this site:


Anatomical repository – shoulder - : an overview of data measured for modeling the shoulder and arm. The repository can be viewed, but also downloaded as a zip-file (16MB). The repository contains:


1.                    data from an extensive study on shoulders performed in the early 1990’s. We have data for 7 shoulders different specimen available: landmarks, PCSA, origins and insertions, segment parameters etc.. Some data are available for both sides (i.e. left and right shoulders);

2.                    data from a study on shoulders and arms. A total of five arms is available. For these arms we also have the kinematically obtained rotation centers and axes available.



overview historical literature on the upper extremity – overview of links to historical publications on the shoulder biomechanics. Mostly German publications, but of course Inman’s paper(s) are included  ;-)



The shoulder ‘cook book’ (html link)

To facilitate kinematic analysis of upper extremity motions, I promised (in Bologna, July 2008), to take up the coordination of the production of a manual for upper extremity (and especially shoulder) measurements. This manual should comprise a description of procedures, examples, tips-and-tricks, illustrations and relevant software. Until recently this did not become more than a promise, but now (May 2011) the work has started at last. The link to the .doc file of the ‘cook book’ can be found here. It is a word document that hopefully will grow out to a full manual over time. You are invited to use this information, but also to add and amend information. To do so, download the file and send a modified version (preferably with ‘track changes’) to me, including the additional files worth adding so that I can store these in the relevant folders. For all additional material I would like to ask you to explicitly state the source. In matlab files for instance, please add introductory comments stating who the author is and when it was written. Of course, for all these applications as well as the cookbook  the general rules apply that any user does so for his / her own risk and that the material may not be used for commercial purposes….



Last version dsp-file + programme to edit and construct new dsp-files, to be used in Matlab (files\make_dsp_djv.zip)



Delft, January 31, 2012