Educational activities


Graduate and PhD students

I am daily supervising several graduate and PhD students.

All these work on the topics listed on my research activities page.

These are my my PhD students:

Name: Topic:
Jeroen Tielbeek Clinical assesment of imaging techniques for characterization of Crohn’s disease
Jeroen van Schie Quantitative analysis of the colon wall's vascularisation for characterization of Crohn’s disease
Robiel Naziroglu Bowel wall segmentation and feature extraction for characterization of Crohn’s disease
Zhang Li Multi-modal MR Image registration for characterization of Crohn's disease
Jianfei Yang Analysis of white matter changes over time in HIV patients based on diffusion tensor MRI
Marius de Groot Statistical analysis of 4D Diffusion Tensor MRI cohort study data
Ganesh Khedoe Statistical analysis of 4D Diffusion Tensor MRI population study data
Vincent van Ravesteijn

Second generation CAD and cleansing for virtual colonoscopy

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More information on these courses may be obtained via Blackboard at TU Delft:

Medical imaging

I teach Medical Imaging (AP3231TUD, 6 ECTS) to physics students at TU Delft, together with Wiro Niessen and Koen van Dongen.
Topics considered are: conventional x-ray and ct imaging, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging.
The course comprises several lectures, homework and an assignment (i.e. an in-depth study of a clinical problem).

Minor Biomedical Engineering: Medical Imaging

I coordinate of the Minor Biomedical Engineering course on Medical Imaging (TN4101, 6ECTS).
This course is open to all students from Delft University of Technology, provided that
they took a subject on signal processing.
Topics studied are on medical image acquisition, image processing and pattern recognition.
The course comprises 3 x 6 lectures and 3 x 6 practical exercises.
I do this together with Marco Loog from the Electrical Engineering Department, TU Delft.

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What is more

Supervision of a small group of students doing their first-year final project.

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