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Supervised PhD students
  • Chengpeng Jiang (started in 2018): Agent-based modelling of safety of UAS operations
  • Matthieu Vert (started in 2017): Mathematical and computational modelling of adaptive resilience of the air transport system
  • Borrdephong Rattanagraikanakorn (started in 2017): Modelling of safety of UAS operations with a focus on structural impact
  • Stef Janssen (started in 2016): Agent-based modelling and relations and trade-offs between security and efficiency of airport terminal operations
  • Steffen Kaspers (started in 2016): Agent-based, sociotechnical modelling of safety of airport ground services
  • Heiko Udluft (defended in 2017): Agent-based, decentralized control of airport surface movement operations

Courses taught
  • Agent-based Modeling and Simulation in Air Transport at Delft University of Technology (since 2015)
  • Test, Analysis & Simulation at Delft University of Technology (since 2015)
  • Monte Carlo Simulations of Stochastic Processes at Delft University of Technology (2014)
  • Behavioral Dynamics at VU University Amsterdam (2004-2012)
  • Knowledge-based Systems at VU University Amsterdam (2008-2010)
  • Introduction to Modelling and Simulation at VU University Amsterdam (2007)
  • Organisation dynamics at VU University Amsterdam (2007)

Involvement in faculty activities
  • Committee member for academic prizes
  • Committee member for the selection of international MSc students

Organization of conferences and workshops
  • PC member of AAMAS 2011,2012,2016,2018,2019, ACIIDS 2014, 2016, WCCS 2014,2015, AIAI 2014,2015, COIN'15, WORIE 2011-2015, BWSS 2010,2012,2014, BICA 2014, SocSimS 2013, ISA 2010-2013, ModBE'13, AMSTA 2010-2013, Social Car 2011,2012,SocialCom 2010,2012, ICCS'12, MSVVEIS 2009-2012, ASTUC 2011, CSIE 2011, ORGMOD 2009
  • Program Co-Chair of 4th International KES Symposium on Agents and Multi-agent Systems Technologies and Applications 2010

Editorial Board Memberships
  • International Journal of Management Science and Information Technology (IJMSIT)
  • Radio Electronics. Computer Science. Control. (online)
  • Journal on Reliable Intelligent Environments (JoRIE)