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 Data Description Toolbox
 Version 2.1.2 15-Jun-2015

Dataset construction -------------------- isocset true if dataset is one-class dataset gendatoc generate a one-class dataset from two data matrices oc_set change normal classif. problem to one-class problem target_class extracts the target class from an one-class dataset gendatgrid create a grid dataset around a 2D dataset gendatout create outlier data in a hypersphere around the target data gendatblockout create outlier data in a box around the target class gendatoutg create outlier data normally distributed around the target data gendatouts create outlier data in the data PCA subspace in a hypersphere around the target data dd_crossval cross-validation dataset creation dd_looxval leave-one-out cross-validation dataset creation dd_label put the classification labels in the same dataset

Data preprocessing ------------------ dd_proxm replacement for proxm.m kwhiten rescale data to unit variance in kernel space gower compute the Gower similarities dissim general transformation of a dataset

One-class classifiers --------------------- random_dd description which randomly assigns labels stump_dd threshold the first feature gauss_dd data description using normal density rob_gauss_dd robustified gaussian distribution mcd_gauss_dd Minimum Covariance Determinant gaussian mog_dd mixture of Gaussians data description mog_extend extend a Mixture of Gaussians data description parzen_dd Parzen density data description nparzen_dd Naive Parzen density data description

autoenc_dd auto-encoder neural network data description kcenter_dd k-center data description kmeans_dd k-means data description pca_dd principal component data description som_dd Self-Organizing Map data description mst_dd minimum spanning tree data description

nndd nearest neighbor based data description knndd K-nearest neighbor data description ball_dd L_p-ball data description lpball_dd extended L_p-ball data description svdd Support vector data description incsvdd Incremental Support vector data description (incsvc incremental support vector classifier) ksvdd SVDD on general kernel matrices lpdd linear programming data description mpm_dd minimax probability machine data description lofdd local outlier fraction data description lofrangedd local outlier fraction over a range locidd local correlation integral data description abof_dd angle-based outlier fraction data description

dkcenter_dd distance k-center data description dnndd distance nearest neighbor based data description dknndd distance K-nearest neighbor data description dlpdd distance-linear programming data description dlpsdd distance-linear progr. similarity description

isocc true if classifier is one-class classifier

AUC optimizers -------------- rankboostc Rank-boosting algorithm auclpm AUC linear programming mapping

Classifier postprocessing/optimization/combining. -------------------------------------- consistent_occ optimize the hyperparameter using consistency optim_auc optimize the hyperparameter by maximizing AUC dd_normc normalize oc-classifier output multic construct a multi-class classifier from OCC's ocmcc one-class and multiclass classifier sequence

Error computation. ----------------- dd_error false positive and negative fraction of classifier dd_confmat confusion matrix dd_kappa Cohen's kappa coefficient dd_f1 F1 score computation dd_eer equal error rate dd_roc computation of the Receiver-Operating Characterisic curve dd_prc computation of the Precision-Recall curve dd_auc error under the ROC curve dd_avprec average precision of the Precision-Recall curve dd_auprc area under the precision-recall curve dd_youdenJ Youden J statistic dd_costc cost curve dd_aucostc area under the cost curve dd_delta_aic AIC error for density estimators dd_fp compute false positives for given false negative fraction simpleroc basic ROC curve computation dd_setfn set the threshold for a false negative rate roc2prc convert ROC to precision-recall curve roc2hit convert ROC to hitrate-false-alarmrate curve fp_given_fn estimate the false pos.rate, give a false neg. rate fn_given_fp estimate the false neg.rate, give a false pos. rate

Plot functions. -------------- plotroc plot an ROC curve or precision-recall curve plotcostc plot the cost curve plotg plot a 2D grid of function values plotw plot a 2D real-valued output of classifier w askerplot plot the FP and FN fraction wrt the thresholds plot_mst plot the minimum spanning tree lociplot plot a lociplot

Support functions. ----------------- dd_version current version of dd_tools, with upgrade possibility istarget true if an object is target find_target gives the indices of target and outlier objs from a dataset getoclab returns numeric labels (+1/-1) dist2dens map distance to posterior probabilities dd_threshold give percentiles for a sample randsph create outlier data uniformly in a unit hypersphere makegriddat auxiliary function for constructing grid data relabel relabel a dataset dd_kernel general kernel definitions center center the kernel matrix in kernel space gausspdf multi-variate Gaussian prob.dens.function mahaldist Mahalanobis distance sqeucldistm square Euclidean distance mog_init initialize a Mixture of Gaussians mog_P probability density of Mixture of Gaussians mog_update update a MoG using EM mogEMupdate EM procedure to optimize Mixture of Gaussians mogEMextend smartly extend a MoG and apply EM mykmeans own implementation of the k-means clustering algorithm getfeattype find the nominal and continuous features knn_optk optimization of k for the knndd using leave-one-out volsphere compute the volume of a hypersphere scale_range compute a reasonable range of scales for a dataset inc_setup startup function incsvdd inc_add add one object to an incsvdd inc_remove remove one object from an incsvdd inc_store store the structure obtained from inc_add to prtools mapping unrandomize unrandomize objects for incsvc plotroc_update support function for plotroc roc_hull convex hull over a ROC curve lpball_dist lp-distance to a center lpball_vol volume of a lpball lpdist fast lp-distance between two datasets nndist (average) nearest neighbor distance dd_message printf with colors

Examples -------- dd_ex1 show performance of nndd and svdd dd_ex2 show the performances of a list of classifiers dd_ex3 shows the use of the svdd and ksvdd dd_ex4 optimizes a hyperparameter using consistent_occ dd_ex5 shows the construction of lpdd from dlpdd dd_ex6 shows the different Mixture of Gaussians classifiers dd_ex7 shows the combination of one-class classifiers dd_ex8 shows the interactive adjustment of the operating point dd_ex9 shows the use of dd_crossval dd_ex10 shows the use of the incremental SVDD dd_ex11 the construction of a multi-class classifier using OCCs dd_ex12 the precision-recall-curve and the ROC curve dd_ex13 kernelizing the AUCLPM dd_ex14 show the combination of a one-class and multi-class dd_ex15 show the parameter optimization mapping dd_ex16 crossvalidation on a kernel classifier

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