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Master Theses

Student Thesis Topic Defense Date
Jacco Heins Trust in Cloud Computing (working title) 2017
Ben Hup Privacy Economics and Innovation (working title) 2017
Maria Baltoglou Exploring Merchants' Reluctance to Adopt e-Commerce Anti-Fraud Tools: A Case Study in the Payments Industry Feb 2017
Robert Crone Big Data Veracity Assessment: Improving risk assessment by adding high veracity data to existing contents insurance models
Jan 2017
Jan P. Koenders Hunting Booters - A Law Enforcement Perspective: A data analytical approach to comparing DDoS police reports to real world data Dec 2016
Gunnar D. Sæmundsson Anomaly Detection Beyond the Research Setting: An exploration of the use of statistics and machine learning to detect cyber attacks Oct 2015
Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob Finding intelligence from ZEUS financial malware files
Aug 2013

Last Updated 12 April 2017.