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Hadi Asghari


PhD Candidates

Master Theses

I have supervised the following master students on technology policy (more specifically privacy, security, and digital society) thesis projects:

Student Thesis Topic Date
Thomas van Biemen Personal Privacy in Practice: Putting the GDPR to test in a collective exercise of the right of access 2018-10
Elsa Turcios Rodriguez Tracking Cookies in the European Union 2018-08
Wouter Moraal Privacy for Burdened Minds: Effects of Online Privacy Trade-offs on Cognitive Bandwidth 2018-08
Michal Rataj Behavioural Response to Automated Vehicles 2018-04
Ben Hup The Adoption and Diffusion of Privacy-Enhancing Technologies 2017-12
Dity Andita Rahmi Faradina Towards the Adoption of EU General Data Protection Regulation: a study of business perceptions 2017-12
Jacco Heins Improving Trust in Cloud Computing 2017-09
Maria Baltoglou Exploring Merchants’ Reluctance to Adopt e-Commerce Anti-Fraud Tools 2017-02
Robert Crone Big Data Veracity Assessment: Improving risk assessment in contents insurance models 2016-12
Jan Koenders Hunting Booters—A Law Enforcement Perspective: comparing DDoS police reports to real world data 2016-12
Gunnar Sæmundsson Anomaly Detection Beyond the Research Setting 2015-10
Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob Online Banking Fraud Mitigation: a study of target selection by Cybercriminals 2013-08

Last Update: Nov 2018.