Belma Turkovic

Short Bio

I received my Master degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo, in September 2015. Currently, I am a PhD Student at the Embedded and Networked Systems Group at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS), TU Delft.

My supervisors are Fernando A. Kuipers and Prof.dr. Koen Langendoen

My research focuses are Programmable networks, Congestion control, Network Slicing, Software Defined networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and the Tactile Internet.


Belma Turkovic, Fernando Kuipers, "P4air: Increasing Fairness among Competing Congestion Control Algorithms", ICNP 2020, October 2020, Madrid, Spain

Belma Turkovic, Jorik Oostenbrink, Fernando Kuipers, Isaac Keslassy, Ariel Orda, "Sequential Zeroing: Online Heavy-Hitter Detection on Programmable Hardware", IFIP Networking 2020, June 2020, Paris, France

Kurian Polachan, Belma Turkovic, TV Prabhakar, Chandramani Singh, Fernando A Kuipers, "Dynamic Network Slicing for the Tactile Internet", 2020 ACM/IEEE 11th International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS), April 2020, Sydney, Australia

Belma Turkovic, Fernando A Kuipers, Steve Uhlig, "Interactions between Congestion Control Algorithms", 2019 Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference (TMA), Paris, France, June 2019

B. Turkovic, F.A. Kuipers, N. van Adrichem, and K. Langendoen, "Fast Network Congestion Detection and Avoidance Using P4", Proc. of the ACM SIGCOMM 2018 Workshop on Networking for Emerging Applications and Technologies (NEAT 2018), Budapest, Hungary, August 20, 2018.

D. van den Berg, R. Glans, D. de Koning, F.A. Kuipers, J. Lugtenburg, K. Polachan, T.V. Prabhakar, C. Singh, B. Turkovic, and B. van Wijk, "Challenges in Haptic Communications over the Tactile Internet", IEEE Access, vol.5, no. 1, pp. 23502-23518, December 2017.


Belma Turkovic, Fernando A Kuipers, Steve Uhlig, "Fifty shades of congestion control: A performance and interactions evaluation", arXiv preprint arXiv:1903.03852, 2019

Belma Turkovic, Jorik Oostenbrink, Fernando Kuipers, "Detecting Heavy Hitters in the Data-plane", arXiv preprint arXiv:1902.06993, 2019


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Embedded and Networked Systems

Delft University of Technology

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