Awards and personal grants for postdocs and PhD students

Early career awards:

Elmer Ruigrok (now at Utrecht University and KNMI): Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award, EGU 2017 (for research at TU Delft from 2007 to 2014 and Utrecht University since 2014)

Joost van der Neut: J. Clarence Karcher Award, SEG 2015

Deyan Draganov (now assistant professor): J. Clarence Karcher Award, SEG 2010

Karin Schalkwijk: Arie van Weelden Award, EAGE 2002

Personal grants:

Laslo Evers (professor): Vidi personal grant, NWO 2014

Joost van der Neut: Veni personal grant, NWO 2013

Deyan Draganov: Vidi personal grant, NWO 2011; Veni personal grant, NWO 2007

Elmer Ruigrok: Toptalent personal grant, NWO 2007

Jesper Spetzler: Veni personal grant, NWO 2003

Best paper awards, etc:

Joeri Brackenhoff, Best Graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, 2016

Rik Noorlandt: Best paper award, Geophysics, 2015

Joost van der Neut: Best paper award, Geophysical Prospecting, 2015; Best presentation award, SEG 2010; Best student presentation award, SEG 2009

Niels Grobbe, Award of Merit, Best student presention, SEG 2014

Jan Thorbecke: Geophysics reviewer of the year, SEG 2012

Karel van Dalen, Springer thesis prize, 2012

Elmer Ruigrok: Outstanding student paper award, AGU 2010

Deyan Draganov: Best poster award, EAGE 2005; Best student poster award, SEG 2003

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