Theses of Ph.D. students

Copyright: Delft University of Technology. These theses may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the authors and the publisher.

(52) Hartstra, I.E., 2018, Lithospheric reflection imaging by multidimensional deconvolution of earthquake scattering coda pdf-file

(51) Kirichek, O., 2018, Electrokinetic and poroelastic characterization of porous media: Application to CO2 storage monitoring pdf-file

(50) Boullenger, B., 2017, Controlled-source seismic reflection interferometry: Virtual-source retrieval, survey infill and identification of surface multiples pdf-file

(49) Almagro Vidal, C., 2017, Passive seismic interferometry for reflection imaging & monitoring pdf-file

(48) Nishitsuji, Y., 2017, Passive seismic multiscale subsurface imaging and characterization by utilizing natural quakes pdf-file

(47) Noorlandt, R., 2016, A seismic vibrator driven by linear synchronous motors: Developing a prototype vibrator, investigating the vibrator-ground contact and exploring robust signal design pdf-file

(46) Fricke, J.T., 2016, Infrasonic interferometry: Probing the atmosphere with acoustic noise from the oceans pdf-file

(45) Grobbe, N., 2016, Coupled poroelastic waves and electromagnetic fields in layered media: Theory, modeling, and interferometric synthesis pdf-file

(44) Kudarova, A., 2016, Effective models for seismic wave propagation in porous media pdf-file

(43) Kumar, A., 2015, 3-D seismic acquisition geometry design and analysis: Investigation of the requirements to include illumination from all multiples pdf-file

(42) Zhubayev, A., 2014, Soil properties from seismic intrinsic dispersion pdf-file

(41) Sanaee, S.A., 2013, Ultrasound imaging for quantitative evaluation of magnetic density separation pdf-file

(40) van der Neut, J.R., 2012, Interferometric redatuming by multidimensional deconvolution pdf-file

(39) Ruigrok, E.N., 2012, Body-wave seismic interferometry applied to earthquake- and storm-induced wavefields pdf-file

(38) Hunziker, J.W., 2012, Marine controlled-source electromagnetic interferometry pdf-file

(37) El Allouche, N., 2011, Converted waves in shallow marine environments: modelling and field experiments pdf-file

(36) van Dalen, K.N., 2011, Multi-component acoustic characterization of porous media pdf-file

(35) Tetyukhina, D., 2010, High-resolution reservoir characterization by seismic inversion with geological constraints pdf-file

(34) Angelov, P.V., 2009, 4D seismic reservoir characterization, integrated with geo-mechanical modelling pdf-file

(33) Vogelaar, B.B.S.A., 2009, Fluid effect on wave propagation in heterogeneous porous media pdf-file

(32) Draganov, D.S., 2007, Seismic and electromagnetic interferometry - Retrieval of the Earth's reflection response using crosscorrelation pdf-file

(31) van der Burg, D.W., 2007, Ray-based stochastic inversion of pre-stack seismic data for improved reservoir characterization pdf-file

(30) Frijlink, M.O., 2007, Seismic redatuming with transmission loss correction in complex media pdf-file

(29) Toxopeus, G., 2006, Simulating migrated and inverted seismic data for enhanced reservoir characterization pdf-file

(28) Ranada Shaw, A., 2005, The seismo-electric method and its sensitivity to subsurface contrasts pdf-file

(27) Poot, H., 2004, Slicing the Earth: a layer-stripping method employing a causality based imaging condition. pdf-file

(26) van Zanen, L.F., 2004, Removing Love waves from shallow seismic SH-wave data pdf-file

(25) Goudswaard, J.C.M., 2001, Multi-angle multi-scale analysis of seismic reflection data pdf-file

(24) Schalkwijk, K.M., 2001, Decomposition of multicomponent ocean-bottom data into P- and S-waves pdf-file

(23) Vermeer, G.J.O., 2001, Fundamentals of 3-D seismic survey design pdf-file

(22) Dillen, M.W.P., 2000, Time-lapse seismic monitoring of subsurface stress dynamics pdf-file

(21) Verhelst, F., 2000, Integration of seismic data with well-log data pdf-file

(20) Vos, J., 2000, Characterization of laminated construction materials based on ultrasonic reflection measurements pdf-file

Theses of co-supervised Ph.D. students

Copyright: Delft University of Technology. Promotor: Prof Berkhout. Co-promotor/co-supervisor: Wapenaar. These theses may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the authors and the publisher.

(19) van Wijngaarden, A.J., 1998, Imaging and characterization of angle-dependent seismic reflection data pdf-file

(18) Dessing, F.J., 1997, A wavelet transform approach to seismic processing pdf-file

(17) Alá'i, R, 1997, Improving predrilling views by pseudo seismic borehole data pdf-file

(16) Herrmann, F.J., 1997, A scaling medium representation: a discussion on well-logs, fractals and waves pdf-file

(15) Thorbecke, J.W., 1997, Common focus point technology pdf-file

(14) Giling, E.J.M., 1995, Crosswell seismic tomography and migration pdf-file

(13) Rietveld, W.E.A, 1995, Controlled illumination in prestack seismic migration pdf-file

(12) van Overbeek, M.W.R.M., 1993, Active control of periodic noise pdf-file

(11) Lorenz, M., 1993, Ultrasonic imaging for the characterization of defects in steel components pdf-file

(10) de Bruin, C.G.M., 1992, Linear AVO inversion by prestack depth migration pdf-file

(9) Haime, G.C., 1992, Downward extrapolation of multi-component seismic data pdf-file

(8) Herrmann, P.C., 1992, Decomposition of multi-component measurements into P and S waves pdf-file

(7) de Haas, J.C., 1992, Elastic stratigraphic inversion, an integrated approach pdf-file

(6) Verschuur, D.J., 1991, Surface-related multiple elimination, an inversion approach pdf-file

(5) Cox, H.L.H., 1991, Estimation of macro velocity models by wave field extrapolation pdf-file

(4) van der Schoot, A., 1989, Common reflection point stacking: a macro model driven approach to dip moveout pdf-file

(3) Blacquiere, G., 1989, 3D wave field extrapolation in seismic depth migration pdf-file

(2) Kinneging, N.A., 1989, Three-dimensional redatuming of seismic shot records pdf-file

(1) Peels, G.L., 1988, True amplitude wave field extrapolation with applications in seismic shot record redatuming pdf-file

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