Andrei Metrikine 2010

Professor Andrei Metrikine


Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor

Chair Dynamics of Solids and Structures

Head of Section Offshore Engineering

Head of Department Engineering Structures

at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of TU Delft


Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Sound and Vibration

International Chair in Offshore Engineering, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway




Publications: A list of publications can be found here.


Research interests


My research interests focus on vibrations of and waves in structures that are in contact with solids and fluids. The main application areas of my research currently are

      Dynamics of offshore wind turbines focusing on the installation, including noise generation during piling, and on the dynamic interaction of offshore turbine foundations with soil.

      Dynamics of structures in ice focusing on ice-induced vibrations of bottom-founded structures and interaction of level ice with floating structures

      Dynamics of offshore pipelines focusing on the flow-induced instabilities such as divergence and flutter induced by axial flows and vortex induced vibration in currents.

      Dynamics of high-speed trains and railway lines with the emphasis on the effect of soil on the global dynamics of the train-railway-subgrade system



Education and Academic Degrees


1999 Doctor of Science, Physics & Mathematics. Specialization: Mechanics of Solids.

1992 PhD, Physics & Mathematics. Specialization: Theoretical Mechanics.

1989 Master of Physics. Specialization: Radiophysics and Electronics.


Contact Coordinates


Prof. dr. Andrei V. Metrikine

Delft University of Technology

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

Stevinweg 1, 2628 CN Delft, The Netherlands

Tel: 31 15 2784749; email:

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