Metrikine A.V.


Transitional radiation in an elastic wheel


Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics 36(4), 633-639, 1995

Doi: 10.1007/BF02371287


Summary. The response of an elastic wheel to a uniformly rotating constant radial load is studied. The wheel is modelled as a wire expanded with springs, the stiffness of which is uniformly distributed over the angle. The “spokes” are included into the model as elastic-inertia elements, placed equidistantly along the wheel perimeter. An exact steady-state solution of the problem is obtained using the method of images. It is shown that under the action of the moving load the transition radiation occurs in the wheel. The spectrum of this radiation is discrete and the phase velocity of each harmonic is equal to the load velocity. The resonance takes place in the system when the wavelength of one of the harmonics is a multiple of the wheel length.