Vesnitskii A.V. and Metrikine A.V.


Instability of a vibrating mass uniformly moving along a stochastically non-homogeneous elastic track


Mechanics of Solids 31(5), 135-141, 1996


Summary. Vibrations of a mass are studied moving uniformly along an infinite string on a randomly inhomogeneous visco-elastic foundation. It is shown that the vibrations of the mass can become unstable in average. The instability occurs if the condition of the stochastic parametric resonance is satisfied, i.e. if the eigenfrequency of the mass as it moves along the string on the homogeneous foundation is close to half the characteristic frequency with which the stiffness of the foundation varies at the contact point. The borders of the main instability zones are found and the effect of the correlation radius of the inhomogeneity on the stability of the system is analyzed.