Metrikine A.V. and Dieterman H.A.


Instability of vibrations of a mass moving uniformly along an axially compressed beam on a visco-elastic foundation


Journal of Sound and Vibration 201(5), 567-576, 1997



Summary. The uniform motion of a mass along an axially compressed Euler-Bernoulli beam on a visco-elastic foundation is investigated. It is assumed that the mass is subjected to a constant vertical load and that the beam and mass are in continuous contact. The velocity of the mass after which the vibrations of the system are unstable is found. The instability implies that the amplitude of the mass vibrations is growing exponentially and the problem does not have a steady-state solution. It is shown that the instability starts at lower velocities as the compression force increases. The instability occurs even for overcritical viscosities of the foundation when there is no dynamical amplification of the steady-state vibrations due to resonance.