Metrikine A.V., Vrouwenvelder A.C.W.M.


Surface ground vibration due to a moving train in a tunnel: two-dimensional model


Journal of Sound and Vibration 234(1), 43-66, 2000



Summary. Vibration of a surface of 2D elastic layer generated by a point load uniformly moving along a beam, which is located inside the layer, is theoretically investigated. It is supposed that the layer possesses a small viscosity, is fixed along the bottom, and has a free of traction surface. The beam is described by the Euler Bernoulli model and located parallel both to the surface and the bottom of the layer. The surface vibration is analyzed under three types of the load, namely under a constant, a harmonic and a stationary random load. For the deterministic loads, the vector-displacement of an observation point on the layer surface is analyzed along with the amplitude spectrum of vibration in this point. For the random load main attention is paid to the variance of vibration in the observation point. Qualitative features of obtained results are discussed via kinematic analyses of the wave propagation on the structure.