Suiker A.S.J., Metrikine A.V. and de Borst R.


Dynamic behavior of a layer of discrete particles - Part 2 Response to a uniformly moving, harmonically vibrating load


Journal of Sound and Vibration 240(1), 19-39, 2001



Summary. The steady state response of a discrete, granular layer to a uniformly moving, harmonically vibrating load is elaborated. This model simulates the behavior of a ballast layer to an instantaneous train axle passage. After deriving the boundary value problem and illuminating the corresponding solution procedure, a parametric study is carried out that considers cases that are relevant for railway practice. In the parametric study, the examination of the displacement pattern is combined with the analysis of the kinematic characteristics of the waves generated by the load. Accordingly, the effect of the particle size, the layer viscosity and the load frequency is shown. Also, the load velocity dependence of the steady state response is determined, providing the magnitudes of the critical velocities that characterize resonance of the layer vibrations.