Verichev S.N., Metrikine A.V.


Instability of a moving bogie on a flexibly supported Timoshenko beam


Journal of Sound and Vibration 253(3), 653-668, 2002



Summary. The stability of vibration of a bogie that uniformly moves along a Timoshenko beam on a visco-elastic foundation is studied. The bogie is modelled by a rigid bar of a finite length on two identical supports. Each support consists of a spring and a dashpot that are connected in parallel. The upper ends of the supports are attached to the bar, whilst the lower ends are mounted to concentrated masses through which the supports interact with the beam. It is assumed that the masses and the beam are always in contact. It is shown that when the velocity of the bogie exceeds the minimum phase velocity of waves in the beam the vibration of the system may become unstable. The instability region is found in the space of the system parameters with the help of the D-decomposition method and the principle of the argument. An extended analysis of the effect of the bogie parameters on the model stability is carried out.