Metrikine A.V., Askes H.


One-dimensional dynamically consistent gradient elasticity models derived from a discrete microstructure Part 1: Generic formulation


European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids 21(4), 589-596, 2002



Summary. This paper is the first in a series of two that focus on gradient elasticity models derived from a discrete microstructure. In this first paper, a new continualization method is proposed in which each higher-order stiffness term is accompanied by a higher-order inertia term. As such, the resulting models are dynamically consistent. A new parameter is introduced that accounts for the non-local interaction between variables of the discrete model and of the continuous model. When this parameter is set to proper values, physically realistic behaviour is obtained in statics as well as in dynamics. In this sense, the proposed methodology is superior to earlier approaches to derive gradient elasticity models, in which anomalies in the dynamic behaviour have been found. A generic formulation of field equations and boundary conditions is given based on Hamiltonís principle. In the second paper, analytical and numerical results on static and dynamic response of the second-order model and the fourth-order model will be treated.