A.V.  Metrikine, H. Askes


An isotropic dynamically consistent gradient elasticity model derived from a 2D lattice

Philosophical Magazine 86 (21-22) (2006) 3259-3286

DOI: 10.1080/14786430500197827


Summary. This paper presents a derivation of a second-order isotropic continuum from a 2D lattice. The derived continuum is isotropic and dynamically consistent in the sense that it is unconditionally stable and prohibits the infinite speed of energy propagation. The Lagrangian density of the continuum is obtained from the Lagrange function of the underlying lattice. This density is used to obtain the expressions for standard- and higher-order-stresses in direct correspondence with the equations of the continuum motion. The derived continuum is characterized by two additional parameters relative to the classical elastic continuum. These are the characteristic lengthscale and a dimensionless continualization parameter, which characterizes indirectly the timescale of the derived continuum. The margins for the latter parameters are found from the stability analysis. It is envisaged that the continualization parameter could be measured employing a high-frequency pulse propagating along the surface of the continuum. Excitation and propagation of such pulse is studied theoretically in this paper.