A.V. Metrikine, J.A. Battjes, G.L. Kuiper


On the energy transfer at boundaries of translating continua


Journal of Sound and Vibration 297 (2006) 1107-1113.



Summary. Lee and Mote (Journal of Sound and Vibration 204 (1997) 717-753) investigated the energetics of one-dimensional translating continua using a traveling wave method. This method is based on comparison of the energy of an incident wave to that of the wave reflected by the boundary. To characterize the energy exchange, an energy reflection coefficient was introduced by Lee and Mote that is equal to the ratio of the energies contained in one wavelength of the reflected and incident waves. In this communication it is shown that this coefficient can not be applied to dispersive continua. A generalized expression for the energy reflection coefficient is derived considering reflection of a finite band-width pulse.